Juiice is a gallery for viral user-generated content which rewards creators and influencers!

Internet, together with other modern technologies, gave birth to a new form of art. Everyone can express themselves in any way imaginable and their work can be easily seen all around the globe. From video performances of various talents and breathtaking photos of nature to trendy jokes, funny clips and cat memes. On the other side, tens of millions of viewers are amused, amazed and even enlightened by this snack content. It is like free fast food of entertainment, which we all consume on daily basis.

Users are making platforms rich without any compensation!

There is abundance of online exhibitions of interesting, amusing user-generated content. With our uploads, our jokes, our likes and our shares we all helped them to become multi-billion projects. Those sites are cashing in megabucks, but users’ creativity and sharing doesn’t get anything in return.

Unlike other portals Juiice will reward micro creators for gigs they are usually doing for free!

The time of micro-influcencers is now! Juiice is on the mission to reward contributors and even casual users for their involvement. We are going to share the advertisement revenue amongst our active community, so everyone will be motivated to contribute and spread quality content.

Gamified system will encourage and reward engagement and creativity.

Based on ads revenue our algorithm will reward quality interactions such as uploads and shares with PULP, which is an internal Juiice reward point system. This virtual currency can be converted to Juiice Tokens (ERC20 token), which can be redeemed to any crypto wallet that supports ERC20 tokens or to an exchange. Juiice tokens can either be transferred outside of the platform or used on the platform as payment and utility tokens.


Updated roadmap will be revealed soon...


Mladen Babić


Zokki Rehar

COO, Product Manager

Igor Šinkovec


Junior Presezniak

Senior Developer

Silvo Fortuna

Community Manager

Sanja Babić

Content Manager

Anurag Singh

Sr. iOS Developer / Fluper

Gopal Gupta

Sr. Android Developer / Fluper

Himanshu Yadav

Sr. NodeJS Developer / Fluper


Ožbej Drmota

IEO & Blockchain Advisor

Daryl Naidoo

IEO / ICO Advisor

Mallikarjuna Naidu

Blockchain Advisor

Hadi Deen

Social Media Advisor

Robert Gazvoda

IEO & Startup Advisor

Nikola Korbar

Crypto Advisor

Tilen Čuk

Gamification Advisor

Anže Žurbi

Gamification Advisor

Vivian Cheang

Brand Ambassador

Roel De Leeuw

Brand Ambassador

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